Tart 'n' Tangy Broccoli Slaw


1/3 Cup Orange Juice (about 1/2 an orange)
1/3 Cup Rice Vinegar
2 Teaspoons Minced Shallot (or Green Onion)
1 Tablespoon Dark Sesame Oil
1 Tablespoon Grated Ginger
1 Teaspoon Coleman's Mustard (or Dry Mustard)
1 (10 Ounce) Bag Broccoli Slaw

Coarse Salt (optional)
Coarse Ground Black Pepper (optional)


This broccoli slaw recipe is an incredibly healthy, low fat option for lunch, a side dish, or as a satisfying, crunchy snack to get you through the afternoon. It's also quite tasty, with its blend of tart vinegar, spicy mustard, sharp ginger, and sweet orange juice,...just enough to make your taste buds forget you're eating something nutritious!

Before listing the preparation steps from the Food Network website page (care of their health-conscious chef Kathleen Daelemans), I wanted to point out a few modifications I've incorporated over time.

Instead of shallots, I use green onions. They are easy to chop, usually have other uses for me (salads, etc), and the dark green portion adds a nice colorful pop for presentation,...which matters little when preparing for myself, but good to know when bringing to a picnic with friends.

Also, I always watch my salt intake and never add it when cooking, though I feel there is enough good flavor in this slaw not to miss it. Likewise, I have recently started using dry mustard powder rather than a store-bought mustard so that I can avoid sodium and other preservatives. Lastly, I sprinkle my slaw with coarse ground black pepper since I enjoy the extra bite.

The recipe suggests marinating the broccoli in vinegar for "as long as you can", then serving immediately once everything is incorporated. I usually double or triple the entire recipe and store it in the fridge. It's my opinion that the flavor only tends to get better over time, and the slaw remains crunchy. One large batch can last for a few days of lunches in my experience.

Okay,...now for the official directions:

Combine orange juice, vinegar and shallots in bowl you'll be serving slaw in. Add good pinch of salt. Let stand 5 to 20 minutes, as long as you can. Whisk in sesame oil, ginger and mustard. Taste and adjust seasonings. Add broccoli slaw to bowl, toss to combine. Taste once more. Serve immediately.