Preparing 4 Launch

Nope,...that's not a type-o for "lunch". Got some tofu chillin' in the fridge for later.

Over the past few months, I have finally gotten around to collecting some thoughts about my major weight loss a decade ago, and the journey toward better overall health and fitness ever since.

Knowing that all of this information will soon be put out there for those who may have similar struggles is very exciting,...and at the same time a bit terrifying. Proof-reading through pages I wrote weeks and/or months ago brought it all back for me last night. Some things are tougher to revisit than I had realized, since much time has passed since I was that "other person",...and in certain ways always will be.

I think anyone with an addiction, or challenged motivation for change (as with me back then), never completely gets the monkey off their back. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about my health, fitness level, weight,...and how these things affect the way I look and feel. We all see ourselves a bit differently than those around us. For me, it takes seeing photos others have taken to truly gauge how I'm doing on this journey, and sometimes I actually feel okay about,...and can just fall into the same, natural "geez, I'm ugly" reactions that we all have upon seeing images of ourselves. Well,...except for all of you ridiculously hot and attractive folks out there - you and your mirrors know who you are - Haha!

Anyway, today is the day this homegrown site "goes public" as they say. Still feeling a bit nervous about it, though am hoping that it makes an impact, provides some decent advice, useful information, or just lets others in similar situations realize they are not alone. There are others out there who are struggling with the same issues as you, and I for one would love to help support your efforts if I can.

Hate to end with a cliche,...but if I can do it...

Lemme know what ya think - Scott