As for nutrition, the biggest change I made way back in 1999 was to take control over what I eat.
Rather than rely on what restaurants and processed food manufacturers choose to label "healthy", "lite",
"low fat", "sugar free", or "reduced sodium", I took it upon myself to guarantee these qualities.

Of course, the easiest way to do this is to cook for yourself, and I have shifted toward fresh choices and self-prepared meals in an effort to control what goes into what I eat.

Following are the basic guidelines I try to follow:

Avoid foods low in nutritional value, and eat with a greater sense of purpose
When given an option, choose the healthier, more beneficial one (ex: brown rice rather than white)
Stock up on healthy foods that also happen to be ones you truly enjoy so that you stick to the plan
Need to indulge? Try a not-so-unhealthy snack (air popped popcorn, no-sugar added dried fruit, nuts)
Choose a rare day to satisfy any "health challenged" cravings, and get them out of your system

Prepare two or more recipes in large quantities on the weekends
Choose at least one recipe that is more of a universal addition to a variety of items (ex: tomato sauce)
Reduce fat, sodium, empty carbs, and sugar so you can enjoy meals with less need to measure portions
Take advantage of storage containers and your freezer
Divide portions ahead of time for grab 'n' go convenience
Keep ingredients handy for simple mid-week meals you can easily make

I will continually update this site with recipes I've found, made up, and tried. Take a look in 4RECIPES
under CONTENTS at the bottom of each page for what has been posted so far.

I am a vegetarian, though this is obviously not required in order to follow the above suggestions and eat more healthily. For me, what started as a 3 month test of wills has turned into nearly a decade and a half lifestyle choice that I don't anticipate changing. The added restriction helps me by turning "eating" into conscious nutrition planning, as there is a greater need to choose wisely and combine ingredients so as to ensure sufficient intake of protein, vitamins, and minerals.

As mentioned above, there will be times (special occasions, parties, limited options out in the world) when it is difficult to adhere to the above "rules". Even the best pre-planner will have days when a healthy meal or snack is not readily available, and...well..."one's gotta eat". Not only that, but we should allow ourselves the occasional enjoyment of things we truly love.

On days such as these, I grant myself a bit of a "free pass" to indulge in the treats I avoid 99% of the time. Be it ice cream, baked goods, pizza, candy,...whatever the preference...I try and consume a few of them on days when I know the on-going plan will surely hit a bump in the road. The good news is I usually feel not-so-great the next day, having eaten things my body no longer recognizes. This feeling makes it very easy to revert back to "normal", so it is somewhat of a built-in fail-safe.