I was always the typical "husky" kid growing up,...or "big boned" as my mom would say.

"Big boned". What does that even mean, right? Whatever the clinical classification, I maintained this form
throughout elementary school, and I have all the awkward class photos to prove it.

Endless exercise and unhealthy starvation took off the pounds in junior high so that high school began a
new chapter. Tennis, cross country skiing, and biking helped keep things in check,...until the college years.
Those freshman 15 were more like 30, and there was a gradual climb as studies and extracurricular
pursuits took priority over,...my health.

Graduated, moved to LA, got caught up in starting a career, and again neglected myself by making poor
nutritional choices (ie: the convenience or cheapness of drive-thru and take-out options) while remaining
sedentary in front of a computer at the office,...all day, late at night, and most weekends.

The result? Tipping the scales at nearly 350 by my late 20's. Easily winded, quick to overheat and sweat,
difficulty bending over, cramming myself into public seating or restaurant booths, never feeling good in
clothes and embarrassed by popping buttons, avoiding social gatherings with friends, and ultimately just
uncomfortable in my own skin.

Something had to change, and I finally resolved not to enter my 30's obese. From January 4th 1999 thru
to the year 2000, I managed to drop 138 pounds through a lifestyle change that found me exercising my
body daily while eating from a selection of foods I prepared myself, closely monitoring every ingredient.

Since that initial push in the right direction, I have dropped even more weight, leaned up, built up my
endurance, lowered my blood pressure,...and become quite literally "half the man" I used to be.

There were no magic shakes, staples, bypasses, pills, teas, or prescription drugs involved. Just the usual
boring combination we hear repeated so often:

Eat Healthy and Exercise

That's it. Nothing expensive, complicated, or potentially life threatening. We all have the ability to make
these changes and adopt a better lifestyle. It isn't a one-time deal, but a life-long commitment. I've signed
on and am anxious to welcome anyone else who'd like to join me in supporting the efforts of us all.

As I've mentioned before, I am no expert in much of anything. Just some guy who finally took the clear cut,
foolproof advice those of us with weight issues have long been offered.

Having been asked many times over the years "what did you do?", I am providing information about my
own history, and the rewriting of it, so that others might find something useful to help them achieve their
individual fitness goals.